Lone Tree Foods began with discussions among farmers in southwest Iowa who wanted to begin selling to wholesale markets like restaurants and grocery stores. They wanted to work together to eventually aggregate and distribute product.

The group received great support from Golden Hills RC&D and Western Hills Resources, and more producers from both Iowa and Nebraska became involved.

LTF soon evolved into a farmer-owned LLC, with a focus on connecting its member producers with wholesale buyers in Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln. We continue to grow our relationships with sustainable farmers and forward-looking food buyers across our region.

 Join us as we rebuild our local food system, increase access to local food, and emphasize professionalism, sustainability, and quality food!

Lone Tree Ferry (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Lone Tree Ferry, later known as the Council Bluffs and Nebraska Ferry Company, was the crossing of the Missouri River at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, US, that was established in 1850 by William D. Brown. Brown was the first pioneer to see the potential for a city on the site, and the landing became a popular gathering site for the first settlers of the Nebraska Territory. Named after a solitary tree on the Nebraska bank of the river, the Lone Tree Ferry became central to the founding and development of the City of Omaha.

​It made sense to us to use this name as a singular new enterprise in the re-development of local food in Omaha and the surrounding area. We have strong roots here and are branching out to connect with our neighbors and increase our growth.