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Your family eats locally produced food because you put a priority on flavor, freshness, and sustainability. You want to support local businesses and eat healthy, but sometimes cost and convenience can be a limiting factor.  With Lone Tree Foods, you can save money and enjoy the convenience of to-your-door delivery when you start a buying club with your friends and neighbors.

Families all across the country are buying in wholesale quantities to save money while bringing the finest food to their tables. We’ve assembled this handy guide to help you start your own buying club so you can take advantage of all the local food bargains that Lone Tree Foods has to offer.

Put together your order

Each Sunday when our price list is released, send out an email or a text to the members of your club to let them know what products you are considering, and to collect their orders. We often have items at a reduced price, and some items have bulk discount options, so these may be a good place to start when presenting your group with options. Also, many items with a long shelf life are good to buy in bulk, because you’ll be able to leave them in your cabinet or freezer and use them as needed.

Place your order on our website,, by Tuesday at 9 AM, or call, text, or email our helpful sales staff to get your order placed.

Buying as a group helps you take advantage of large items at a great wholesale price. While you might not have room in your freezer or fridge for a quarter beef or a case of eggs, you can now take advantage of the price and delivery by splitting these items with friends and neighbors.

Here are some ideas of items that work particularly well to buy through a club:  case of 15 dozen eggs, case of 60 lb ground bison, 25 lb bag of organic oats, 50 lb sweet potatoes, 20 lb green bell peppers, case of 6 wheels camembert cheese.

Delivery Day

You should select a delivery location where there is ample refrigerator and freezer space for the items you will be ordering. This location should also have someone at home during business hours to receive your items. If someone can’t be there all day, please contact our sales staff with special delivery instructions. You may need to leave a cooler outside for your frozen items..

It will be helpful to have a method of weighing things out to split up cases (an accurate kitchen or bathroom scale works well). Make sure your members bring appropriate containers to bring their groceries home.

Our current delivery day is Thursday; contact us if you need to find another day that works better for you.

Keeping Records

It is important to keep accurate records of who ordered what, and what has been paid to the organizer. Your members will be responsible for reimbursing you for their portion of the order.

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