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Abie Vegetable People

Location:  Abie, NE

Producer:  Mark Roh

About:  AVP is a large producer of bunched curly kale, green beans, salad mix, tomatoes, and much more.


Bee Creek Farm

Location:  Yankee Hill, NE

Producer:  Laurie and Jim Brunner

About:  Bee Creek is a new producer with Lone Tree Foods.  They offer raw honey in retail-ready containers!  Contact us at sales@lonetreefoods.com if you are interested in purchasing this honey and don’t see their items on our online storefront.


Big Green Tomato

Location:  Fort Calhoun, NE

Producer:  Jack and Michelle Dill

About:  Big Green Tomato is a new producer with Lone Tree Foods.  They offer gmo-free and gluten-free granola!


Bluff Valley Farm

Location:  Rulo, NE

Producers:  Ken and Mary Grace Thiltges

About:  Bluff Valley Farm produces naturally-grown meats on our family near Rulo, Nebraska. It is a family farm using no antibiotics or added hormones.  View and Shop current Bluff Valley Farm items HERE.



Broken Arrow  Farm

Location: Filley, NE

Producers: Riley Reinke

 About:  Broken Arrow Farm is owned and operated by Riley Reinke and is located near Filley, Nebraska.  The farm primarily produces a diversity of vegetable crops using methods that produce nutrient dense crops without the use of synthetic chemicals. Broken Arrow also raises honey bees, and a flock of non-gmo fed and antibiotic free pastured hens.


Common Good Farm

Location:  Raymond, NE

Producers:  Evrett Lunquist & Ruth Chantry

Specialties:  certified organic eggs from pastured, grazing laying flock, certified organic & biodynamic produce, 100% grass fed beef from our certified organic cattle herd , pastured pork from farm born & raised cert organic hogs.

About:  Common Good Farm is a mom & pop family farm…small, sustainable, certified organic & Biodynamic, growing good food since Autumn of 1996 for southeast Nebraska. We’re committed to sustaining a family farm to provide delicious, healthful food for our community & neighbors…to tend the soil, grow the food &  love the land. All aspects of our farm — animals, plants, soil — work together to create the whole farmscape, with each part serving the whole in multiple ways.


Community Crops

Location: Lincoln, NE

Specialties: Produce

About:  Community Crops is a non-profit organization based in Lincoln that is dedicated to educating and empowering individuals, families and businesses to grow their own food and strengthen the local food economy.  Crops’ staff produces vegetables on two acres of the six acre Prairie Pines Training Farm.  In addition to growing Certified Naturally Grown vegetables, Community Crops staff facilitates the incubation of 8-10 small farm start-up businesses on the farm.




Davey Road Ranch  

Location:  Raymond, NE

Producers:  Ben Gotschall and Tammy Austin  

About:  Ben Gotchall’s Davey Road Ranch is one of the premier Certified Organic and Humane grass-fed beef operations in Southeast Nebraska. Ben works in partnership with the Gotschall family at Clover Cove Ranch in Atkinson, Nebraska, as well as other area graziers, to produce quality beef and dairy while building grassland health and quality.

Specialties:  Beef, “Bistro Beef” humane veal alternative



Delish Farms

Location:  Hallam, NE

Producers:  Alicia Schroeder

Specialties:  Produce

About:  Delish Farms is family owned produce and flower farm located on the north edge of Hallam, NE.  We farm with the philosophy that good quality produce starts with healthy soil. We strive to farm in a manner that maintains and improves soil health for the future.  We are passionate about what we do, and we are continually inspired to make a difference in our local community by what we do.



Shadowbrook Farm’s Dutchgirl Creamery

Location: Lincoln, NE

Producers: Kevin and Charuth Loth

Specialties: Goat cheeses

About: ShadowBrook Farm’s Dutchgirl Creamery has been producing grade A goat milk since 2006 in order to producer their hand-crafted artisan goat cheese.





The Edible Source

Location: Lincoln, NE

Producer:  Adam Beckman

Specialties: Aquaponics, greens, herbs, variety of vegetables, tilapia

About:  Adam Beckman of the Edible Source grows fish and plants together in one seamless, integrated greenhouse environment. The fish provide a nutrient rich environment for the plants while the plants act as a bio filter to clean the water for the fish.  All the organisms work together to produce a balanced ecosystem where everyone wins. The building is protected with earth and filled with large water tanks that absorb heat energy from the sun, which results in a remarkably stable interior temperature without any need for active heating or cooling systems.




Fox Run Farms

Location:  Brainard, NE

Producers: Yolanda Bailey and family

Specialties:  Kale, greens, mixed vegetables

About: Fox Run Farms is a family farm, owned and operated by Kovar Bailey Family. It has been in the family for 114 years.   In 2010, they started vegetable production to diversify their income, to connect with their community, and to promote naturally grown food.  They also have a vineyard that is in its fifth year of production.



Flavor Country Farms

Location:  Omaha, NE

Producer:  Kevin Novak

Specialties:  Flavor Country Farms cultivates gourmet mushrooms using natural practices, including King Trumpet, Chestnut, and Oyster Mushrooms.






Grain Place Foods

Location:  Marquette, NE

Producer: David Vetter

Specialties: Organic grains and flour

About: Grain Place Foods has been a pioneer in growing and processing organic grains in the Midwest since the 1950s. Grain is grown on-site and obtained through a supply network of dedicated organic farmers in Nebraska and the region.  Their on-site processing facility allows them to produce top-quality flours and milled grain products.


Grandview Farm

Location:  Fremont, NE

Producers:  Gordon & Susan Miller

Specialties:  asparagus, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes



Green School Farms

Location: Lincoln, NE

Producer: Gary Fehr

About: The farm supplies food grown with chemical-free, organic practices to Lincoln and the broader Nebraska local food community. We believe that healthy food, healthy ecologies, and healthy cities are inextricably linked. Consequently, the methods and practices we employ to grow food are those that respect the health of the earth in addition to the quality of our products.


Heartland Nuts ‘n More

Location:  Valparaiso, NE


Heartland Organics

Location: Martell, NE

Producer: Gene Gage

Specialties: bedding plants, lettuces, greens, mixed vegetables

Heartland Organics is owned by Gene Gage and is located in rural Lancaster County, NE. His principal business is growing organic herb and veggie plants for Earl May Garden Centers. He also produces specialty lettuces and greens, a wide variety of garden produce, and wild-harvests native fruit for the gourmet restaurant market.   Gene co-owned and operated Papa Geno’s Herb Farm for many years prior to starting Heartland Organics.



Honey Creek Creamery 

Producer:  Sharon Oamek

Location:  Honey Creek, IA


Honey Creek Creamery Inc. officially became a certified dairy in 2010. Sharon handcrafts the goat milk gelato and farmstead cheese. George is alfalfa producer extraordinaire, and daughter, Paige, wins hearts as tour operator.  Sharon got her first goats while in Colorado in the 1990s, mainly as hiking companions (and for comic relief). In 1999, we bought George’s great grandfather’s farm established in 1891 and moved to Iowa.

 Honey Creek Creamery has two main products:  Goat Milk Gelato and Chevre.  Honey Creek Creamery is only one of two certified dairies in the country crafting goat milk gelato. What’s the scoop? Institutional ice cream and gelato are often made from powdered cows’ milk. We create our own gelato base from fresh, farmstead goats’ milk.  Our chevre has received top national awards for its cheese at the ADGA Cheese competition in Boise, ID. Simply Pure received second place and Little Italy and Cranberry Horseradish took third place in 2015.  Since our goats browse the Loess Hills, this gives our cheese a one-of-a-kind flavor found nowhere else in the world.

Specialties:  Flavored chevre and gelato



  Jones Produce

  Location: Crete, NE

  Producer: Justin Jones

  Specialties:  certified organic cantaloupe, potatoes, asparagus

About:  Jones Produce is owned and operated by Justin G. Jones in the rolling hills near Crete, Nebraska.  The farm focuses on produce but incorporates a diverse agroecosystem , with an eye toward productivity, stability, and natural pest control.



Lakehouse Farm

Location: Waverly, NE

Producers: Jerry & Renee Cornett

Specialties:  Asian vegetables, Lettuce, Spring and Winter Greens, Tomatoes, Potatoes, mixed vegetables

About:  Lakehouse Farm is family owned fruit and vegetable farm providing high quality certified organic produce to our customers while managing the land sustainably.  The farm also houses Prairie Plate Restaurant, a unique enterprise predicated on serving fresh food made with produce grown right on their own farm.



  Lovegrass Beef

  Location:  Bassett, NE

  Producers:  Daniel Frank and Allyson Dather

  Specialties:  Grassfed Beef

  About: Lovegrass Beef is a grass-fed beef ranch operated by Daniel Frank and Allyson Dather, near Bassett, NE. Our goal is to maintain a diverse, native rangeland, using cattle as management tools, while simultaneously  producing a healthy meat product.  View and Shop current Lovegrass Beef items



Nebraska Mushroom

Location:  Grand Island, NE and Lincoln, NE

Producers:  Ash Gordon and Co.

Specialties:  Fresh mushrooms, from oysters and shiitakes to lion’s mane and much more.  Bulk mushrooms for restaurants as well as fresh packed retail-retail clamshells for grocery stores.




One Farm

Location:  Logan, IA

Producer: Danelle Myer

Specialties: Lettuce, napa cabbage, onions, peppers, spinach, tomatoes

About:  Danelle Myer returned to her family’s farm in Logan, IA after an apprenticeship in sustainable  ag in Santa Cruz, CA, to found One Farm and produce the finest chemical-free produce for her customers in Logan, IA and the Omaha foodshed.



Pekarek’s Produce

Location: Dwight, Nebraska

Producers: Ryan and Katie Pekarek

Specialties: Tomatoes, Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Peas, Onions, Carrots, Turnips, Green Beans, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Beets, Potatoes, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Sweet Corn, Winter Squash, Pumpkins and Gourds.

About:  Pekarek’s Produce is a family-run vegetable farm that raises over 50 varieties of crops on more than 15 acres near Dwight, Nebraska.  Ryan and Katie began growing vegetables in 2004 and have enjoyed growing their family and farm in the local community.



RhizoCity Farms

Location:  Lincoln, NE

Producers:  Skylar Falter and Matt Pirog

About:  RhizoCity Farms is a new urban farming venture.  We are applying biointensive, regenerative farming techniques to urban landscapes for the purpose of producing abundant, nutrient-dense food for the city of Lincoln. Our background in engineering and biological studies inspires us to create highly-efficient systems that regenerate soil and produce a bounty of food with minimal use of fossil fuels.



Robinette Farms

Location: Martell, NE

Producers: Alex McKiernan and Chloe Diegel

Specialties: Produce, certified organic Micro Greens, Eggs

Robinette Farms, owned and operated by Alex McKiernan and Chloe Diegel, is a diversified, commercial, small-scale, family farm in Martell, Nebraska. They grow over 80 varieties of vegetables on 5 acres without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Their goal is to build a business that supports their family, reduces their negative impact on the environment, and educates the community about the food we eat and enjoy.


Rolling Acres Farm

Location:   Atlantic, IA

Producers: Denise O’Brien and Larry Harris

Specialties: Beets, cabbage, carrots, kale, lettuce, onions, peppers, raspberries, tomatoes

Rolling Acres Farm produces every vegetable from Asian greens to zucchini, as well as a wide variety of fruits, herbs and flowers, from their fields and a cutting-edge movable high tunnel.   Denise and Larry also raise antibiotic and hormone free turkeys and chickens that move freely about the farm.



Sanders Specialty Meats and Produce

Location:  Dwight, NE

Producers:  Dave and Lori Sanders

Specialties:  Raw Wildflower Honey by the Gallon


Sown Local

Location: Malvern, IA

Producers:  Tyler and Jeremy

(more info to come)


Spiritus Vitae Botanicals

Location: Lincoln, NE

Producer: Paul and Nicole Saville

Specialties: Culinary and medicinal herbs, garlic, peanuts, root vegetables

About:   Spiritus Vitae Botanicals is owned and operated by Paul and Nicole Saville just northeast of Lincoln, Nebraska as part of the Community CROPS Growing Farmers Training Program.  They use Certified Natural growing practices and believe stewardship of the land is crucial to future food production.





Suzan’s, LLC

Location:  Omaha, NE

Producer:  Velma (Suzan) Mackey)

Specialties:  Suzan’s Sweet Potato Pies

About:  For over 25 years, Velma (Suzan) Mackey has been making sweet potato pies.  She started selling her pies because her family and friends enjoyed them so much they were always asking her to bake them.  Velma has won First Place in No More Empty Pots’ Entrepreneurship Invitational Competition.  Velma and her Sweet Potato Pies have been mentioned in local media and can be found at more and more local venues in both Omaha and Lincoln.  This product is a sensational southern delicacy!





Squeaky Green Organics

Location:  Plattsmouth, NE

Producer:  Bryan Kliewer

Specialties: Produce, herbs, dried beans

About:  Squeaky Green Organics is a family-owned produce farm, serving restaurants in Nebraska.


Sweet Minou  

Location:  Lincoln, NE

Producer:  Rebecca Ankenbrand

Specialties:  Small batch bean-to-bar chocolate

About:  Sweet Minou is Nebraska’s first small batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker. We source transparently-traded cacao that is fine flavor quality and also contributes to farmer prosperity in the growing regions. The cacao we use is organically grown by smallholder farmers, and most of our producers are certified organic. After getting raw cacao from Guatemala, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Bolivia, we then go through a week-long process of roasting, winnowing, and slow stone grinding in our melangeur with organic cane sugar to finally get to the finished chocolate. We are also now pressing and using our own cocoa butter, and offer fresh cocoa nibs. Each flavor sensation is unique, and we aim to celebrate the diversity and beauty of this natural, agricultural product that changes seasonally. We also love to work on customizable projects, so if you have a chocolate need please let us know!


Straight Arrow Bison Ranch

Location:  Broken Bow, NE

Producer:  Marty and Karen Bredthauer and family

Specialties:  Bison meat

About: Straight Arrow Bison is a family owned business dedicated to caring for the land, as they depend on it to provide them with healthy animals (i.e. delicious meats) to optimize your health and wellness. Their bison are raised in their natural habitat on the plains of central Nebraska with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and clean water. The herd grazes on native grasses year-round, supplemented with prairie hay when the grass is not sufficient to meet their needs.   Straight Arrow is certified by EatWild, American Grassfed Association, and American Welfare Approved.


Turning Point Farm

Location:  Beatrice, NE

Producers:  Terri and Ron Mazza

Specialties:  Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs



Twin Spring Pecans

Location:  Bennet, NE

Producer:  Charlie Willnerd




Wolff Farms Produce

Location: Norfolk, NE

Producer:  Jay Wolff & Duane Wolff

Specialties:  Certified organic produce

About:  Wolff Farms Produce is located near Norfolk, NE, land that has been in the family for 140 years.  The owner, Duane, has personally farmed it since 1979 conventionally, then organically; always with the desire to stay away from chemicals.  He would never sell a product that he wouldn’t buy or have his own family use.  A large part of the farm has been put into wildlife habitat, and they practice “promote life, don’t destroy it.”  They have been certified organic since 2015.