Introducing the


A local fresh produce box program exclusively for Duncan Aviation employees, brought to you by Lone Tree Foods

Featuring optional add-ons:  eggs, cheese, ground beef


Sign up for 8 weeks of the freshest bounty from Nebraska vegetable farms, packed specially for you and delivered weekly to your place of employment.


The produce comes directly from local farms to your box. Quick turnaround and professional handling ensure freshness and quality.


Eating local means you know where your food comes from and the story behind the farmers who raise it.  You can look forward to information about your farmers each week in your box. You’ll be amazed at the variety and quality we have right here in Nebraska.


All your local produce for the week, prepackaged and ready for pickup!  Shop online Sunday-Tuesday morning at  to purchase additional local items for pickup the same day.    


It’s simple! You pay just $25 per week for a weekly box overflowing with local seasonal produce.

Payment for the 8-week period is required in advance to secure your spot. Signups are due 1 week before the start of the program.

Once you are signed up, all you have to do is pick up your produce! Boxes will be delivered to Duncan Aviation Thursday afternoon, and you will have a 30-minute window to collect your box, add-ons, and any other local items you may have ordered online.


We have three optional add-ons.  Each add-on is a stand-alone purchase, meaning you can select any (or none, or all) of the add-ons in addition to your vegetable share.  You also have the choice of just purchasing the add-ons, even if you are not purchasing the vegetable share.  Pay up-front, and pick up your items weekly.


  • Farmstead Cheese — $50  Select this option to receive a unique piece of cheese each week. Get one free piece of cheese by purchasing two cheese add-ons!


  • Farm Fresh Eggs — $40  Select this option to receive one dozen brown chicken eggs each week (pastured poultry, non-gmo feed).  Get one free dozen by purchasing two egg add-ons!


  • Grassfed ground beef — $60  Select this option to receive one package (one pound) of grassfed and grass-finished ground beef each week.  Get one free package by purchasing two beef add-ons!